IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2015

Shanthi Chandrasekar
Shanthi Chandrasekar
Shanthi Chandrasekar
Shanthi Chandrasekar

My deep interest in cosmology led to this series of drawings. These pieces are an exploration into concepts that range from the microcosm to the macrocosm, from quantum mechanics to relativity and from singularity to infinity. Such dichotomies are part of a whole and it is the limitations of our perception that create borders, separating and categorizing them. Through these drawings I am striving to clear these artificial borders and level with these “fuzzy areas” in an effort to better understand how these principles relate.

Joomchi: Korean paper making techniques: Jiyoung Chung, 2013
Printmaking (2010) and Papermaking (2013), Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Spring, MD
Michaele Harrington: Color, 2003, Montgomery College, Rockville and Private workshops, MD
Masters Degree Psychology, 1990, Annamalai University, India
Bachelors Degree Physics, 1987, Women’s Christian College, Madras University, India

Positions: Exhibits Director, Takoma Park Community Center, MD (2012- present)

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2014 Akshara, Gandhi Memorial Center, MD (March-June)- Sponsor: Embassy of India
2013 Maya & Chakra: Gandhi Memorial Center, MD
2013 Journeys, curator James W. Mahoney, DC Arts Center, Adams Morgan, DC
2012 Jungle Book Series, Dempsey Gallery, Takoma Park, MD
2011-12 Griffin Tavern, Flint Hill, VA
2011 Red Dots, The Art League, VA
2011 Maya & Chakra: Sri Parvati Gallery, Chennai, India
2011 Narmada Winery, Amisville, VA
2010 Akshara- Gandhi Memorial Center, Bethesda, MD
2009 Upakar Art Show, Potomac, MD
2008 Gandhi Memorial Center, Bethesda, MD
2007 Sculpture Show, Arts Barn, Gaithersburg, MD
2007, 06, 05& 03 The Conference Room, The Glenview Mansion, Rockville, MD
2003 Framer’s Choice Gallery, Gaithersburg, MD

Juried Exhibitions
Year Show *- Awards Juror
2014 Pyramid Atlantic Juried Membership show (April)-2 pieces Irene Chan
2014 Erasing Borders, Indo-American Arts Council, Queen’s Museum, NY (March), Crossing Art Gallery (July) Vijay Kumar
2014 Joint Mathematics Meeting, Baltimore, MD (January)
2013 Pyramid Atlantic Members show Amelia Hankin
2012 Erasing Borders, Indian Diaspora Art, Indo-American Art Council, Art6 Richmond, VA Vijay Kumar
2012 Bridges Math Art Conference Art Show, Towson University, MD Robert Fathauer, Christopher Bartlett
2012 Erasing Borders, Indian Diaspora Art, Indo-American Art Council, Bronx Charter School of Arts, NY Vijay Kumar
2012 Tamil, * June, The Art League (Urquhart Award) Mark Cameron Boyd
2012 Earth *, The Art League (Best In Show) Helen Fredrick
2012 April, The Art League Joseph deBella
2012 Pyramid Atlantic Member Show- 3 Prints
2012 Play (March) The Art League* (Honorable Mention-Collage) Judy Bass
2012 Erasing Borders, Indian Diaspora Art, Indo-American Art Council, Crossing Gallery, NY Vijay Kumar
2011 May, The Art League Liliane Fitzgerald
2010 December, The Art League William Schran
2010 November, The Art League Georgia Deal
2010 September, The Art League*, (Honorable Mention- Painting) Lenny Campello
2010 Her Story, The Art League- March Barbara Rachko
2010 Reve(A)ling: Feminist Art, George Mason University, VA-March Sue Wrbican, Suzanne Scott and Dr.Vicki Kirsch
2010 The Art League show- January Steven Munoz
2010 Mind, Body and Spirit- UMUC, MD-January-March Harriet McNamee and Robert Donovan
2009 The Art League show-December David Grafton
2009 Small Works, The Art League- November Caroline Thorington
2009 Becoming Animal, The Art League-November Jesse Cohen
2009 The Art League show-September Berthold Schmutzhart
2009 The Art League Show-May Joy Turner Kukes
2009 Real/Unreal, The Art League, Torpedo Factory, VA Judy Jashinsky
2009 Light: The Art League, Torpedo Factory, VA Cynthia Connolly
2008 Small Works, The art League, Torpedo Factory, VA Dr. Susan Frank
2008 Revealed Histories, The Art League, Torpedo Factory, VA Daniel Finch
2008 Sculpture Show, The Art League, VA* (Honorable Mention) Erwin Timmers
2008 La Femme Show, The Art League, VA Sarah Tanguy
2007 October All Media Show, The Art League, VA Marlene Rothacker
2007 May All Media Show, The Art League, VA Joy Turner Luke
2007 Spring Show, Glenview Mansion, VA Peter Dubeau
2007 April All Media Show, The Art League, VA Clifford T. Chieffo 2007 April Sculpture Show, The Art League, VA Rebecca Kamen 2006 December Show, The Art League, VA Stephen Bennett Phillips
2006 Juried Members Exhibition, Rockville Art League Tracy Jacobs
2006 September Show, The Art League, VA Joseph De Bella
2006 Remix: East West Currents: Arlington Art Center Debra Diamond, Claudia DeMonte, Carol Lukitsch
2006 July Show, The Art League, VA Hank Harmon
2006 May Show: “Black and White”, The Art League, VA Valerie J. Fletcher
2006 Spring Show, Rockville Art League, MD * (1st Place) David Gracyalny
2006 April Show: “Emphasis on Sculpture, The Art League, VA William Duffy
2005 Drawing: Tradition & Innovation, Arlington Art Center, VA Carol Lukitsch
2005 Holiday Show, Rockville Art League, MD Robert Stuart Cohen
2005 Seeing Red Show, Small Works Show, Behind the Veil Shows, Ozmosis Gallery, Bethesda, MD Donna Robusto and Rosetta DeBerardinistt
2005 Inspired By The Six Senses, Rockville Arts Place, MD Harriet Lesser
2005 Spring Show, Rockville Art League, MD*(3rd Place-Sculpture) Carolyn Grosse Gawarecki
2004 Holiday show, Rockville Art League, MD Michael Sastre
2004 Spring Show, Rockville Art League, MD**(1st Place Sculpture; 1st Place- Mixed Media Drawing) Janis Goodman
2004 Inspired By Words Show, Rockville Arts Place, MD Harriet Lesser
2003 Spring Show, The Rockville Art League, MD Georgia Deal
2003 Inspired By Music, Rockville Arts Place, MD Harriet Lesser

Group Shows
2014 Density Fluctuations,- 3-Person Show, American Center for Physics, College Park, MD, curated by Sarah Tanguy (Octiber 2014- April 2015)
2014 Heritage India, Strathmore, MD, 2-person show, curator- Harriet Lesser (Sept-Nov.)
2014 Death of Socrates, ArtDC Gallery, MD, curator: Robert Long (July)
2014 Uncut in B&W, Jhane Barnes Portfolio-In-Motion Exhibit, Marymount University, VA (May-June)
2014 Alchemical Vessel, Joan Hisaoka Gallery, DC (April)
2014 Har Shalom Gallery, Bethesda, MD (March-April)
2014 Art-Craft-Art, Strathmore, Bethesda, MD (January)
2013 Artist Circle Fine Art, Four-person Fall Show
2013 Kolam: Two person show, Quince Orchard Library
2012 DCAC Art Decathlon* (Gold and Fan Favorite Medals) Jurors: George Hemphill, Lea-Ann Bigelow, Amber Robles Gordon, John Dreyfess, Paul Roth, Vivienne Lassman, Andrea Pollan
2012, 11, 08, 07 Upakar Art Show
2011 Akshara Black Rock Center, June-July 2011
2011 Kolam- 2 person show at Arts Barn, Gaithersburg, MD
2011(Invitational) Mix It Up- Betty Mae Kramer Gallery, Silver Spring, MD, 3-person show
2010(Invitational) The Universities at Shady Grove, Rockville, MD
2010 Manavi’s 25th Anniversary Gala, Jersey City, NJ
2009(Invitational) American Slices, Ratner Museum, Bethesda, MD
2009 Kolam Quilts and Paintings, Gandhi Memorial Center, Bethesda, MD
2008(Invitational) Artists at Work, Curators: Zdeno Mayercak, Sarah Silberman Art Gallery, Montgomery College, Rockville, MD.
2005 & 2004 The Rockville Art League, Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum, Bethesda, MD 2003 Bohrer Park, Gaithersburg, MD
2002, 01 McCrillis Garden, Bethesda, MD
2001 An Exhibition of Sri Ganesha at Vinyasa Gallery, Chennai, India
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