IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2015

Sunil Garg
Sunil Garg
Sunil Garg

I am an experimental and experiential artist. I amalgamate my scientific and technical experiences, my involvement with environmental and waste management issues, and musical and art and performance experiences in my art work.

I employ lightweight materials to create work that invites the viewer to reconsider orthodoxy about devotion, duplication, reproduction, mass, gravity, optics, contours, waste, myth, religion, social symbols, sound, smell, environment and things and consumerism.

The work submitted explores complex relationships between technology and political and economic colonialism on fairness, food, politics, culture, wealth, environmental impact, etc. The elephant, a mystical, magical and majestic spiritual force that has walked the earth unchanged for thousands of years, has special meaning to many cultures, primarily in the former colonized world, and is now a symbol of extinction and the environmental, political, resource distribution and cultural consequences of colonization and technology.

The other is Inspired by the “reclining Buddha”, an important symbol of devotion, existence, but also passage into Nirvana, a state of nothingness. Humans discard materials, such as the ones used here in the hope that they achieve “nirvana”. That rarely happens, as we know from environmental impact of our wasteful habits and practices. A kachina, in Native American culture, represents the natural world, a natural phenomenon, or a concept, among others.

Resume: Sunil Garg apprenticed with established artists, sculptors and musicians from a young age. He is an experimental and experiential 3D, illumination and “new media” artist who lives and works in Summit, NJ. He amalgamates his scientific and technical experiences, his involvement with political, environmental and waste management issues, and musical and art and performance experiences in his art work.

After earning a Ph.D., in Physical Chemistry, Sunil worked in industrial research developing new materials and fabrication processes for consumer, textile and electronic applications as well as in product development and marketing. He, subsequently, earned a J.D. in Law and practiced environmental, energy and natural resources law.

He has exhibited solo at Sridharani Gallery, New Delhi, India, and his numerous group exhibitions include, e.g., Sculpture Key West, Florida, Queens Museum, New York City, Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ, the New Jersey Law Center, New Brunswick, NJ, Chelsea Highline Open Studios, NYC, National Academy Museum on Museum Mile in NYC, Art Factory, Paterson, NJ, Crossing Art Gallery, NYC, solo installation of large scale “wire+light” 3D works on the grounds of Grand Summit Hotel, Summit, NJ, and Conception Gallery, Long Island City, NYC.

He is an “artist-in-residence” at Gallery Aferro in Newark, NJ, see
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