Kickoff - Madhur Jaffrey
Opening Night :
Sir Salman Rushdie +Suketu Mehta
Festival Overview
Festival Schedule
Closing Night: Mira Nair + Sabrina Dhawan
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Oct 24th Session 1A
Oct 24th Session 1B
Oct 24th Session 2A
Oct 24th Session 2B
Oct 24th Session 3A
Oct 24th Session 3B
Oct 24th Session 4A
Oct 24th Session 4B
Oct 25th Session 1A
Oct 25th Session 1B
Oct 25th Session 2A
Oct 25th Session 2B
Oct 25th Session 3A
Oct 25th Session 3B
Oct 25th Session 4A
Oct 25th Session 4B
Literary Pub Crawl
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The Indo American Arts Council
Festival Overview
The Second IAAC Literary Festival

will feature work by authors whose heritage lies in the Indian subcontinent, as well as those who have written about a subject connected to any aspect of that part of the world. We will feature veteran as well as emerging authors along with publishers and literary agents in order to create exciting discussions surrounding the various genres and themes represented.
Festival Director says,

“We have, as an arts council, special categories that are close to our hearts: playwrights; screenwriters for book adaptations (from page to screen);
lyricists and poets, in addition to
all the usual amazing literary genres…”
The Audience
IAAC has an overall audience of 68000
2000 plus Lit Fest audiences are avid readers – high school, undergrad, grad, academics, lay public, artists, filmmakers, playwrights...also in addition to people in all the other world topics such as health, finance, food, politics, economics, war, environment, etc. the topic discussed, they could be people in health, finance, politics.
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Depending on the level of sponsorship:
1. Sponsor logos are on all print and online materials
2. Sponsor may host specific sessions
3. Sponsor banners and literature may be placed at the venue
4. Spon sors have the opportunity to buy bulk signed copies of books for
5. their own guests.
6.Sponsors also receive annual IAAC memberships and invitations to special
"The pen is mightier than the sword"
Edward Bulwar-Lytton
Richelieu or the Conspiracy
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