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Anu Sahasrabhudhe will perform a special dance symbolizing International Women's History Month.
Anu Sahasrabudhe is an established dancer whose passion and inherited talent from her mother for the art form has been evident from a very young age. Heralded as one of the finest up-and-coming dancers, Anu’s forte and training is in Classical fusion. Anu’s dancing style blends grace and strength with a deep and genuine love for movement and performance.

Anu’s dancing interest and training started at the age of 6 under her mother Guru Neelima Lokre who was trained in Rabindrik, Kathak and Manipuri. Growing up Anu received training in Bharatnatyam, Kathak and Oddisi. She then did her diploma in modern creative dance style under Guru Tanushree Shankar a world-renowned and one of the leading exponents of contemporary dance forms in India.         

Following her guru’s footsteps Anu created her own creative dance style by blending different styles of modern and Indian dances like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, folk and Shankar Technique. She was also recruited as part of Tanushree Shankar's dance troupe member and when she migrated to the US, joined an Oddisi Ensemble for a brief period founded by Myna Mukherjee.         

 Anu has had many award winning Choreographies over her 20 years of dance career. She now teaches the language of Choreography and dance to her students through her concept of Music, Dance and Visuals through her founded School and Performing Arts Company "MUDAVIS" a symbolization of MUSIC.DANCE.VISUALS!  Anu lives in Scotch Plains NJ with her husband and 2 kids ages 8 and 10. 

Leslee Udwin’s documentary ‘India’s daughter’ triggered a multitude of responses from all aspects of Indian society, globally and hit our individual consciousness. As a population, Indian society struggles to grasp the true nature of sexual violence in society and its social under-pinning’s. Our first impulse is to find temporary solace within a feminist movement or blame the age-old custom’s of our society and the lack of education. However the underlying true cause seems to be in the misogynistic attitude of Indian men and women alike. This is all the more appalling in a country such as India who we refer to as “Bharat Mata”.

Here are a few questions we need to ask ourselves. Why does India raise its women to the pedestal of a goddess, popularize them as objects of desire or denigrate via acts of sexual violence. Why cannot all caste and communities treat women truly as equals where they are not raised on a pedestal nor subjected to denigration?

What follows, is a personal and partial attempt to portray this recurring theme and the need for enlightenment of the mind and soul in a search for liberation. I will take you through this journey via portrayals of shock, pain, guilt, shame, denigration but in the end hoping there will be liberation of the mind.

This Solo is choreographed and performed by Anu Sahasrabudhe, the Founder and Artistic Director of MUDAVIS. MUDAVIS is a company committed to artistic expression through the medium of Music, Dance and Visuals.

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