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SAMAA presents Indo-Jazz Festival

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Melodic Intersect

Their New album “Looking forward” Officially been included in this year's Grammy Ballot for best World Music Album!
It has charted for the last 15 weeks on top 10 including 8 Weeks at #1 in Radio charts.

Hidayat Khan (sitar, vocal),
Enayat Hossain (tabla),
Fred Koch (saxophone),
Greg Hatza (piano),
Joy Islam (guitar),
Avirodh Sharma (world percussion).

Music link

“..an ensemble congegrating musicians from different backgrounds to create a sound that is unique, with a strong world flavor; Khan’s solo builds intensity, with quick lines and flurries, he leads the ensemble into a climax that is musically satisfying and leads to an ending statement” –All about Jazz

“..cohesive and empathetic ensemble; exquisite interpretations of melody, harmony and rhythm.” -thejazzworld

“high level of improvisation, so is able to blend jazz and Indian music so successfully. An unusual, complex and moving music.” -rambles

“.music is as imaginative as it is meditative and totally transcending. Puts out some hell’a sexy sounds here.” -sputnickmusic

“..their destination is serenity, but how they arrive there is an uncharted path. Creates a plush landscape, which stimulates the aural sensors.” -seattlepi

Parul Dance Company

Parul Shah, kathak
Mike Lukshis, tabla
Trina Basu, violin
Amali Premawardhana, cello

Parul Shah is an internationally acclaimed Kathak dancer and choreographer whose work is expanding the classical medium beyond cultural boundaries. With a dedication to excellence, Parul preserves the form’s aesthetic integrity while developing a unique and powerful vocabulary.

Dance link

“… danced a “Chasing Shadows” solo that brought the house down. Her sources are splendidly hybrid: contemporary dance, the Kathak technique of north India, the female temple-court artists of south India.” -Alastair Macaulay, NYTimes

“..a young Indian Classical dancer whose strong edge and respect for tradition add up to an exciting appeal with a difference. Rarely has the idea of tradition as a springboard for innovation been presented so persuasively.” -Anna Kisselgoff, NYTimes

“…virtuosically rhythmic turns of the traditional genre alternated with an entirely modern, often expressionist, use of the torso and limbs.” -NY Times

“…an internal dialogue about tradition and modernity, as well as a statement of the resilience of women.”- NY Times

Jazz Carnatica

Top release of NPR’s New Sounds in 2014.
Arun Ramaumurthy Trio

Arun Ramamurthy(violin),
Sameer Gupta (drums),
Rasheen Carter (bass).

Music link

“…beautiful, exotic, ear-opening listening experience” -All about Jazz

“…..a captivating and inspirational listening experience, worthy of the highest recommendation for multicultural music collections.” -Midwest Book Review

"...Ramamurthy's violin more than anything makes the connection between India and America clear." -SomethingElse

Lassi With Lavina    DURGQA    HarmoNYom   

Harrice Miller   Sunny Thakkar
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